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Hit Run Tactics Of Driver Kills Loyal Friend

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Source: The Maquoketa Community Press, Maquoketa, Iowa, Thursday, March 20, 1947

Last Sunday night death stalked the highway, struck down and killed a friend of man.

About 7:00 p.m. a hit and run driver killed Jack, the police dog Larry Hager adopted in the South Pacific and brought home. Larry was eating at McKinsey’s on West Platt street and his dog Jack was waiting outside. Evidently Jack decided to cross the street and a motorist, who was probably exceeding the speed limit, hit the dog and drove on.

In September 1945 Jack decided he would rather spend his time with an American than the Japs. He was adopted by the outfit which Larry Hager belonged to. Jack traveled with the army from Manila to Yokohama. When Larry was eligible for discharge. Jack had by that time adopted Larry as his master.

Larry sought and was granted permission by the Army to bring Jack back home with him. On January 25, 1946, Larry and his friend boarded the transport at Yokohama for the United States. February 6, 1946, they landed at Portland, Ore. February 12, 1946, Larry received his discharge and started getting used to civilian life.

After Jack was adopted by the Americans, he quickly learned to understand the American language. Jack not only learned facts but any time you mentioned the word “Jap” he let loose with a howl that told you how much he didn’t admire his former owners.

Anything you saw Larry Hager on the streets of Maquoketa you would also see his friend Jack. Now Jack is gone. Gone because some driver was evidently speeding within the speed zone of the town and didn’t want to take the time to slowdown. Probably the driver has never had a dog look up at him, or felt a friendly nose against his leg. No, the driver probably doesn’t know the strong friendship which can grown between man and dog.

There is only one consolation – it could have been somebody’s little boy or girl.

Source: The Maquoketa Community Press, Maquoketa, Iowa, Thursday, March 20, 1947

Transcribed by Sharon R. Becker, Dec 2012